Extruded plastic for weaving

I am interested in weaving bags and boxes, using extruded plastic.
I am wondering, though, how to get the plastic bands flexible enough for weaving. I guess it has to do with temperature and what kind of plastic to use?
If anybody has experience in this field, I would appreciate any help!



@louiseandersen Hi! The flexibility of plastic basically depends on:
– the material (plastic group: PP, HDPE, PET, PS, etc.)
– the thickness (obliviously) the thicker the material, the stiffer it gets.
– temperature: the warmer plastic is, the softer it gets. However that’s not reeeally important, since the operating temperature of any product is most likely room temperature…
I hope that helps,

topic about pet bottles and making string from them
less time and energy consuming then shredding and extruding

Thanks for your reply! I’ll give it at try!

If anybody has experience weaving with plastic, I would be very glad to hear from you!