Extruder Bearing Necessary

I have my tube, screw, gearbox, and motor all set up and ready to go, but I just don’t have the bearing yet.  Based on the tight fit of the extruder screw within the tube, is the shaft bearing at the end really necessary?  Just curious.

how will the shaft turn around in a line if there are no bearing?

fully forgot: just make sure the reducer is probably mounted, with the industrial screw there’s lots of pressure pushing against the reducer. at worst hold it with some extra support at the upper edge….

low-spec reducers in the 200-400 Euro range come usually with 2 strong ball bearings on each side. you can abuse use this bearings (much stronger) for this purpose. it just needs the coupling to be on the right size, but even over-sized isn’t much a problem since the reducer bearing has a little shoulder.

we’ve done this many times and there was no sign of damage or wear out to see, hear or feel.

go on !