Extruder Dies

How hard would it be to design a extruder die that made pipe? Similar to the pasta extruder design?

This would be very useful to make lower cost plumbing pipe for homes, and aquaponics.

bigger or more holes and watercooling…

It is possible, but its rather difficult cause you are splitting the plastic (at the place with the small holes) and then it needs to fully melt together again after that. Often you get “weldmarks” where the plastic is weaker than the rest.

@btmetz I have seen the same set of videos but also instead of water cooling how about using air instead blowing into the pipe to keep its shapeand cooling a the same time. Would you extrude like a beam and pull it out as it extrudes? Very interested in what you come up with. Also how did you do your drawing?

We can use water just like the printer filament. Videos of commercial machines are all over YouTube. Its just something that could be done on small scale that so far I have only seen the Indians doing so far.

@btmetz interesting idea! The main issue to solve here I think would be the rapid cooling of the Pipe once out of the machine. And getting an evwnly thick pipe. Else, your drawings look promising!
Keep us updated 🙂