Extruder motor kWh

Hi all, I have found an engine for my extrusion machine.
It works, it is a Brook Crompton, which is a quality brand.

Width on hole centres 128mm and length hole centres are 173mm.
The motor shaft is 24mm.
And the power is 0.75-0.85 kWh-

My question is, Is this powerful enough?



If you’re running this in the UK it will be operating on 50HZ so the figures on the left are the ones you need. Should be enough for the standard extrusion, 0.75kW = 1 HP, more is recommended if you’re using a compression screw to make beams etc.

@tafnstuff, I didn’t realize. We were hoping to do a lot of our recycling with PVC pipes already collected, as they are in good condition and need little cleaning. Maybe we can upcycle them? As we collect plastic from the beach we have an endless supply of non PVC plastic (unfortunately) to keep us busy.

Thanks Andy. That engine looks good and is cheaper than others we have been look at.

@joandarcy, Be carefull with PVC, in Precious Plastic we don’t recommand to work with it because of the fumes. Burning but also melting PVC can creat chrloridric acid and a few more really bad chimicals .

I’ve used TEC motors in most of my projects, they seem quite well made. You probably want around 2.2Kw for beams, one like this: https://tecmotorsdirect.com/2-2kw-4-pole-230v-400v-3ph-electric-motor.html.html

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the advise, we actually do want to make beams so I guess we will have to look for another motor. I see you are based in the UK, can you recommend a supplier?

We will have 3 phase electricity in our work shop. We have bought a small second hand industrial shredder, as we are dealing mostly with fishing waste from the sea and one of our main sources of plastic is PVC pipes from fish farms.

Also, are you aware this is a 3-phase motor and you will need an inverter/VFD? You can’t run it straight off single phase mains power.