Extruder wirring Temperature controller wiring

I am not getting output despite connecting ports 5 and 7 to input of relay and then following the circuit diagram to connect SSR to heaters in series.

Can anyone help?


hi @tahirshabbir79gmail-com,
may be you could mention the type / model of the PID controller you use and take a photo of the whole wiring…

Happy that now it is working!!

Eureka! It worked.
So basically the problem was that the output coming out of my kind of temperature controller (REX-C700) was AC but the relay that I was connecting had a DC input so it was not working.
What I did was connect hot wire(L) to port 5 and then directly connected my lamp(or heater) in series with it without the use of SSR relay and it works perfectly.
I was thinking of getting a contactor instead of an AC relay to give output to the heater so that the temperature controller is protected.
Thanks a lot @fabirihotmail-com @jegor-m
Will upload images when I get back home.

I think you’re right. The output is AC.
I checked one youtube video(its in chinese)

(Check at 5:28)
I tried with the multimeter and found out that ports 5 & 7 are in series during output and 5 & 6 are not.
Vice versa when there is no output.
I need to supply current to port 5 to complete the circuit.
Ill try this and get back.

I was looking that the output of the controller 5
And 6 has no polarity, are you sure this output is 12 v countinus current?

You should try with a tester and check if when the light is green the output line of the controller is working

The problem is that the relay does not turn on even though I’m getting output light green(ON) on the controller. The relay does not respond to it.
Do you think I should short (5,7) and take one output from there and other from port 6??

It seems correct, which is the problem? doesn’t turn on or doesn’t work the relay command?? Try tu switch the polarity 5+ 6- with 5- 6+ and try with all the configurations 5-7 and 6-7.

Hi @jegor-m
The PID that I’m using is Andeli REX-C700.
Here is the pic.
The wiring is as follow
Port 1: Left it since its earth
Port 2: Connected to AC supply L
Port 3: Connected to AC supply N
Port 4: Not there
Port 5: connected to + of SSR relay
Port 6: Connect to – of SSR relay
Port 7: Left it
Port 8,9,10: Left it since I don’t need alarm
Port 11: Not there
Port 12: Left it
Port 13: connect to – of thermocouple sensor
Port 14: Connected to + of thermocouple sensor.
I have tried all combination of interchanging port 5.6.7 as follows
(5,7)- connected to relay
(5,6)- connected to relay
(6,7) connected to relay.
The only option I have is to jump(short) port 5 and 7 and then connect one port as input to relay along with port 6.

Awaiting reply.
Please help.