The extruders are the heart of the production lines.
Pellets are mixed under high pressure and high temperature into a homogenous mass. The melted polymer is pushed through a spinneret to form the filament: a long, thin line of plastic.

The filaments are cooled down according to a predefined temperature profile.

All processes are computer controlled to make sure the diameter of every filament is accurate and within tightest tolerances. Consistency of the filament, also between colours and batches, is crucial to ensure the same performance every time.

Is this a real extruder? What does it make?

As I can understand the basics of extrusion, double screw can give best results to extrude filament as plastic pellet/granules gets shredded between two screws which form much better filament. This will change original blueprints of dave’s design, where diameter of barrel, heating parts, hopper base change.

I wish to make an extruder that can make radiant flooring boards with pathways for heat carrying liquids. Do you have any ideas on how to modify the basic extruder?