Extrusion bearing 13mm

Hi, we’re having some difficulty finding a 13mm mounted bearing for the extrusion screw. Most brands only have 12 and 15mm in stock. Any idea where to find it at a reasonable price in europe?


This is not a standard size, but they are available. They are used on some wheelchairs (manual ones) eg: http://www.ocelco.com/store/pc/28mm-OD-x-13mm-ID-Metric-Bearing-c2136.htm

Otherwise there are two alternative options, use an imperial 1/2″ID bearing (12.7mm) and turn/file/sand down the shank of the screw to fit. Or turn a sleeve to fit over the screw and take a larger size bearing, this is better as you can make the sleeve fit the tapered shoulder of the screw and also use a larger bearing that can handle the load (the screw can generate high axial forces). A 30203 taper roller bearing or 51103 thrust bearing would be a good choice.