Extrusion Blow Moulding

I’m curious to know if anyone her has tried making extrusion blow moulding machine. Do you think that the current extrusion machine could be modified to do a bit of blow moulding by hooking it up with a compressed air machine?
I found a really cool example online for a DIY blow-moulding gun. Maybe the same could be done using plastic shreds.
I think I’d like to try to make one. Any and all feedback is welcomed.

i’ve seen it when doing research in machines, definitely got me excited. Looks awesome! However we weren’t able to come up with enough applications for it. Or at least not as much as the machines we currently have. Build upon the extrusion would be perfect and seems quite doable…

Looks cool, but if I understand correctly, blow moulding allows you to make hollow objects from plastic preforms? If I’m correct, then it would kind of defeat the purpose of recycling, since we want to get rid of bottles, not create more of them