Extrusion machine v4 proposal

What if instead of the expensive gear box motor and building our own frame, we instead modified a wood lathe for the extrusion machine?


Checking the specs, I find a 1 horse lathe running at 650RPM.  If the speed was divided down with an additional pulley we could get it down to almost perfect.  (there are adapters for drill press that do this very thing)


The lathes come pre wired, the chuck will take the drill bit and the dead end will is already centered to hold the barrell.


Add in the right laser cut bits, controller etc and you have a very robust professional looking unit.


Alternately those with issues getting the right motor at a good price can find 750 watt drill press machines (my local shop has them for $260USD) add in a extra pulley and belt to divide the RPM down to 60RPM and you are set.  The drill chuck already will take the auger bit, so its pretty much 50% of the hard work done already.





Hopefully next week I will have the finds to start on the drill press powered extrusion machine.


Meanwhile this came to my attention also: