Extrusion v3.1

there are some fixes coming for the extrusion v3.0 this weeks; there isn’t much but some stuff needs updates :
– screw mount brakes; i have seen even people in the bazar making this from frecking wood
– thrust-bearing not really needed for commercial units since newer motors have sufficient axial load capacities
– how to make extrusion a screw right on the motor / build specs
– wiring guide, 3phase, quick speed dials, reverse mode and stall protection
– hopper mount changes (support commercial units mix mix & dry caps., also enabling filament)
– component sourcing, per continent
– frame variants

nothing special and I guess at this level it doesn’t need any text (if you need, let me know). I dumped a little more footage here. This method turned out the more fast and accurate building and aligning an extrusion screw mount which can go pretty quick banana; basically the same as aligning the shredder shaft to the motor shaft. I can’t emphasize enough how great a 120$ height gauge/marker and a stone/surface plate is; I think this minimizes all layout/marking errors by at least 200 – 300%. when it comes to mark  drill holes, yet, you still need a good technique;  The other thing i noticed often building this stuff on speed & pressure is the need for gauge blocks; i can’t have a enough of these 🙂

the entire procedure of doing an aligned screw mount can be much shorter if the barrel fits in the motor shaft (we use 35 mm); in the picture below I use the motor as rest and just level the end as well the the screw mount block (90 mins) is the same size as the barrel, easy. Next next gen to be evaluated is how to recycle old and larger bearing balls to make a thrust bearing incl. mount from scrap.
see you in a bit.