Extrusion Version 2.0

Today I could use a Lathe in the “Ontdekfabriek” in Eindhoven, so I made some more parts & pieces for the v2.0 extruder.

Should be ready for assembling 🙂

Barrel for the screw and plastic-input for the extrusion machine in the making

Thanks! The most difficult part with this machine is finding a drill that feeds perfectly in a tube. I just found a good combination. We are currently working on V2.0 of the machines. Here we based the measurements on the universal “water piping system”. This version will be much better and ready this winter!

Hi @davehakkens, I am in love with this project! Have just sat down to start sourcing parts and thinking about potential tweaks. Will have a good think about powerful/adjustable motor alternatives.

Quick question: how did you decide on the diameter/length of your universal screw/chamber? The original looks like it’s 30mm. Do you have any suggestions for our decision process? Thanks!

Added a few more changes to the extrusion machine, this one is even easier to build. We are still looking for an slow but powerfull adjustable motor. We want to control the speed without loosing power. Thoughts anyone?

great project! for powering the 24v motors i would use a car/truck battery charger.
it’s also easy to build a dc powersupply yourself. (velleman pwm set)

We use band-heaters. Different options are possible though.

Very interested in your project, you’re doing a great job
Thinking over to repeat your Extrusion machine
I have a question, what type of heaters you use to heat the pipe?
Thank you for your reply

we’ve been using 2 computer power supplies to fire up the 24V motor. It works but it takes some time to modify them. Still looking for an easier 24V adapter/1-5 Ampere to get the job done.

It turns out the wiper motor from a car doesn’t have the power we need. We looked for one from a truck. Had no idea they where this much bigger, much more power though. Should be perfect.

Dropped the extrusion at ‘van alles wat ontwerp’ They are going to work on a filament maker for 3D printers.
Follow their developments here

Prototype of the new extrusion machine. Changed the barrel, screw, input. Still looking for a good way to power it, we are thinking of a 24V car-wiper motor. Now we used just a temporary fix to test the extrusion process.

The barrel is based on the universal piping system -used by plumbers all over the world. This makes it easy to find a nozzle locally and change or upgrade them over time.