Extrusion Volume Per Minute

Hey All,

I am looking to create a business proposal for something I have in the works.

To help generate some financial calculations I was wondering what speed the Extrusion Machine extrudes at, in volume per sec/min/hr, to understand the salary costs and production speeds of items.

If someone has this information or has the capacity to quickly measure it, it would be great!


I haven’t done the calculation because there is too many variables it depends on what your set up is. the best I can give you is this power law coefficient then apply this to what your setup will be.
I hope this helps

Hey @rorydickens I agree with @plastikfantastik there is too much variables, the speed of your motor, the extruder cap (if the whole is big or small depending your application) also you have to calculate power consumption etc

I would recommend doing a test with your extrusion and collect data of the set up you would like to run, this would be 100% accurate