Extrusion with shredder integred – PP Switzerland

Hi everyone,

This is a small teaser of my creation. A construction who has start few month ago, maybe 6 or 9, don’t remember but a lot of fun ! And i really close to finished… Haaaaa this famous sentence ! Hehe.

For the quick story, we finished and thinking about to do the first try of the extrusion around 2 pm in the night after a work day of 16 hours. But… this is before one of the PID say : Oral… and 5 second later “BOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM” inside the box…. the PID was die at 2:01 pm, we open the beer at 2:02…
Order a new one and waitting whit the smile thinking about my futur first try… 🙂

I will do a post more complet when it is finished and try the shredder. I found a motor in the trash of the distributor MAKITA for my country and this is a shredder for wood. In this vidéo there are miss cuts of the shredder but i’m sure you understand where he come.
The rest is standard with the plan of PP.

Video of the machine