Is anybody out there working on making fabric?


I know you can make very small plastic strands that could be turned into fabric.

Perhaps machine based on the principe of the cotton candy machine ?

Maybe interessting for some


Hi! Were you guys able to make the machines to make fabric? I’m trying to do the same thing from PET bottle to polyester fibers.


I think we need a new machine for yarn….

Fleece material was invented by someone trying to recycle plastic.

maybe rotate the extrusion machine 90 degrees, (so the nozzle is pointing down) and let the strands/fibres go straight into a bucket of water, cooling them down before the break or stick together?

I guess that you’re on the right path @epickitten, to extrude a filament. I’m sure that it could be done, it should be a balance between temperature, pressure and injector.

It’s a big deal! Good luck!

Maybe you could use the extruder but instead of a larger (I believe it was 3 mm hole) you could try a 0.3 mm hole to produce very fine stands of string? I’m not sure yet, I just found this project today and have yet to start making all the production elements

Hi Danila!

I’m Cristina, a textile designer from Mecanismes team in Barcelona.
We are now making the machines first but then, I would work on that! I want to make carpets.

If you want, let’s stay in contact, this is our facebook page and that’s my own personal.

Thank you!


Would that be an option? Cut bottles into loooong strands and then weave a mat out of it, or a basket for that matter?

I guess you are looking for a finer fabric, but this just popped into my mind, when I read the question.