Fails - 2021

The biggest fails of 2021

Your 5000 $ extruder

An extruder sold by Citizen Scientific Workshop, for over 5000$, featured on the PreciousPlastic Bazar, leaving us simply speechless.

Judging by the pictures only, we wonder he understood any basics :

  • barrel opening is way way too big
  • no proper measures to hold the up to 5 tons of back pressure, hard to imagine any stability with this design where it’s about < 0.1 tolerances
  • cheap components, all around

Precious Plastic v4 shredder crash test

That the v4 shredder is just another fail isn’t new. Here a user who forgot to mount the motor properly

What’s interesting however is how easily the housing can be demolished. That’s what we experienced as well by having the sieve installed. Notes and warnings about these issues have been consequently deleted and censored on Discord.

Here is another crash on Youtube, making the overall flawed design more visible. Precious Plastic team perfectly knows about this problem (sieve demolishes the shredder) but didn’t bother to update the documentation to warn users about it.

Precious Plastic Shredder v3