Feedback about the bazar

Here some feedback about our time as machine builder in the bazar:

– presenting a product there is an absolute slap in the face for sellers: no formatting, no multipage, pictures can’t be opened in a new tab, etc…

– this field ‘according to the drawings’ is quite pointless and kind of misleading, of course after some time, there is no way around to improve the machines.

– the price field should allow a range, usually varies depending to the options, options we can’t specify. that’s why we insisted to outsource the shop to ebay because it has all that features, instead, people are force to a very poor experience

– due to the absence of options, all of our clients are purchasing directly from us, via paypal or others. as consequence however, they can’t make reviews, see another post here in the same forum

– the location should be a built-in field instead of forcing to specify it in the title. the entire bazar is awful to use because you have to open the details to eventually find the location after a many clicks and zooms in the map. another slap in the face of potential purchasers

– it should display also ‘on stock’, ‘production time’,…

– i know i could link it just, but adding attachments (drawings,…) would be awesome

– metrics: 80% of all requests are going nowhere, 80%. we have up to 2-3 request the day, we waste around a hour per day to answer clients, mostly for debunking some Precious Plastic myths.

– linked products missing

– don’t get me started on the inbox/messaging feature !

after all, this could be soo easy and nice with a custom ebay store 🙂 to me, this bazar ruins after all everything, it doesn’t look trustful, the interface is just crap and it doesn’t serve our needs.

ok, enough of rant, but please do something soon. it’s so bad that we are forced now to fork the entire precious plastic page, create an own forum, and open another custom ebay store to fix all that issues.

ash on my head and kind regards


for now, it would be already great if the bazar message content would be displayed in the email notification