Feet-powered shredder

Hi everyone !

After reading and searching for the shredder motor,
I have decided to try a manually powered shredder.

The way I see it, I would built the shredder exactly the same way, but I would attach gearings to the axis, linked with either a crank or (more likely) a bike pedal.
According to the Interner, you can create between 200 to 500 watts with your feet, which seems acceptable if we can reduce enough the rotation speed.
I would like to build it modularly, in case we can eventually find a suitable motor, so I need to be able to detach the shredder from the power supply system.

What do you guys think ?
I’ll be greatful for any advice, ideas or experience.

Thanks in advance,

Grégoire CHALONY (France).

Hello @gregoire
Yes, what you proposed is feasible and has been tried with promising results.
Have a look at this topic for more inspiration:


I know, what I’m trying to say is that you can replicate Tim’s version of the extruder and just attach your bike were the hand crank goes. That Flywheel will be vital in order to get torque, just the bike is not enough

Thanks, it’s very interisting yet it is not exactly what I hab in mind :confused:
I’d like to use a bike to power it