Festival activation

We are looking to create an activation at a festival. Working with shredded plastic from beach cleans . Plastic is pre-shredded and we build a hut on site at the festival with the shredded plastic and injection machines (probably at least 2 to speed things up). We are looking to make a shape to contribute to an art piece. Very keen to discuss concept with anyone with experience on Injection machines, plastic types, fumes etc. I believe given timings and the type of plan we have –  a small mould using injection machines are the best? Any wisdom would be much appreciated. Also I think festival guests choose the plastic, but we have a trained staff member manage every other stage.
Which plastic type is the best? Less toxic? PET? Something that has the least fumes.


Hey there @franceslab5,
I have only been working with compression machine; but as far as i know (and have experienced), easiest to work with is PE (#2 & #4), and PP (#5).

If you want to lower even more the risk of fumes, try using food-grade plastic as the number of harmful additives will be limited and so will the fumes.
(atm i work mainly with LDPE & i have NO fumes)

PET is in my opinion the hardest to recycle properly (and creates a lot of degradation/fumes if not done properly)

Overmore, for a festival, i think it would be more attractive for people to see the extrusion machine work, and maybe have timed+”registration needed” workshops for the injection machine

hope it helped !

This is super helpful! I am very new at learning all about this. When you say food grade plastic – you specifically mean HDPE?

That’s great advice – the extrusion machine – the only output is the long thin plastic right – there is no option to create small solid shapes? (SORRY – just learning).

Thank you!!