Flowerpot Mould

Here we share some files to make your own flowerpots with the injection machine.




3D Files

  • 3D Step File: /files/Flowerpots/Flowerpot - by easymoulds.step - Preview
  • 3D Step File: /files/Flowerpots/Flowerpot - by easymoulds.step - Preview

Step 1 - Make your own mould or get it over at the Bazar!

You find the CAD files linked above to make your own.

Or get them made for you over at the Bazar.


Step 2 - Tricks for the mould part ejection

Removing the parts can be sometimes a bit hard. There are two ways to ease up the process a lot.

1.) Pressurized Air - drill a very small hole (<1mm) into the inside piece of the mould followed by a larger hole from the other side.

After you injected a piece use a blow gun of an air compressor to pop out the parts easily. If done right the plastic won't flow beyond the small hole.

2.) Add a bolt instead of pressurized air to the inside piece of the mould and cut a thread inside. Then after injecting you can screw in the bolt and the parts will fall out easily. This way you stay mobile for workshops out in the open :wink:

Step 3 - Plant some nice flowers

Altough small you can get some nice assemblies of flowers or cactus in them :slight_smile:

Inspired by the design of El Tornillo (Precious Plastic Community)

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