Fly Geeks Intiative

My name is Andrue Ferry and I run Fly Geeks, currently an E-commerce business. I have plans to open a physical store and start workshops, after school programs, and summer camps for grade school kids and adults in my community. The program is going to be called Fly Geeks: Future Geek and will be apart of the Fly Geeks Intiative. The idea is to teach people about the modern world and the technology that we have, but emphasize that we have to protect the natural world that it relies on. Sustainability and Recycling are some of the key points throughout the program. The plan to use 3D Printing as an outlet for kids and adults to recycle plastics in their community. I have knowledge and experience in 6 different fields of engineering including robotics and automaiton, CNC machining, and plastic injection molding. I would like to start by building a plastic grinding machine, injection molder, and CNC machine. I plan on designing a 3D printer, from scratch, that is capable of printing PET, PS, and other, currently, non-supported industry standard plastics. If anyone has links to build plans for any of the machines listed, it would greatly help my course of action.

How big do you like to build the printer? If it´s bigger than 2 meters I´m interested to join. My plan is a 3d printer that 1. is huge 2. runs with pallets 😉 3. is transformable to a cnc…

Yeah my plan is to make it capable of swapping out heads from Print Head, to CNC, and to laser engraving head. I want it to have the biggest build area that can fit on a desktop. I plan on starting the projects beginning of the year 2018.