Flyer for Precious Plastic

We need a flyer for precious plastic so we can print them out and put them up around our communities. Anyone got any good designs?


Looking at what actually happens to most of my students with no prior experience in any of that – there are a few more grounded selling points, after some months in the shop, folks learn:

– how to think (especially critical ) & engineer
– how to use their hands
– how to improve their coordination and senses
– be aware what they do, to themselves, to others and to resources
– what things are made of
– develop tactical and strategies to get something done
– how to focus, non-stop
– respect processes, especially learn the penalties involved of skipping steps;
– work under pressure
– how develop a new sense of time

it took me near 12 months to learn all of that myself, and I feel still often left-handed; confused and too much in a rush. it’s like rebooting the body and mind. you could also say it’s like meditation despite my guru told the other day; ‘nah, it’s not for everyone, you have to have some qualities ahead, focus is the most important’. i guess @donald can add here some more wisdom 🙂

lol, ok, then the target audience is set I guess. not sure where you are from but the words you are looking for is ‘thanks for the input’ or any little simple decency would do fine too. You let us know your new iteration, dude ? We’re so happy to contribute to that flyer. It’s outstanding like many other documents as said.

Moreover in this very context, you have to decide in which wagon you wanna sit; and in your case, judge people for what they are saying or for what they’re doing, dear Sir @alanson. so before you keep trolling humanity with backyard tools to save the planet; please have a second thought. but recon that you made already friends with that here 🙂

so before you start fooling/trolling your neighborhood

– recycling is only at the 3th place according to EU papers on waste management because of the complicated and high energy consumption needed for recycling; reason number one the industry doesn’t consider it
– pp machines are considered for hobbyist, they are NOT easy to make, and it requires quite a some skills, not just some super glue, other than that; they consume quite some power
– pp makes only profit for a very few (1%)
– pp doesn’t boost recycling; it shouldn’t anyway as mentioned here as well so instead of promoting a myth; how about you promote what it is : a cool hobby ? as one of my mentors said, ‘it’s always better to go for the lower fruits’

@alanson more or less this is what i can remember of from the more professional material trying to get best out PP:

– learn how to recycle plastic, especially to show how hard it is; the PP machines are ok for this kind of workshops
– learn what plastic is made of / the cycle of plastic in it self
– product development, business plans
– machinery
– numbers numbers numbers
– and of course : more realistic alternative realities of plastic

there is quite a lot of brain work (based on peer review articles and studies) and discussions as well infrastructure needed to make PP contributing to the solution, globally, crowd-based … there are a lot of other projects like ocean cleanup, boosting km zero artisan products (see new and trending cooperative models, etc… which could evtl. fulfil  such claims but also these don’t seem to catch up with the overall problem’s solution needed to be on time.

i am sure others here can add/remove points and action to get his flyers out soon 🙂

@alanson : we had another look at your flyer and we’re afraid that the only target audience this could work with are teens between 10 – 14 years and there are not many statements we could backup with facts. You could improve yield If you’d remove all the ‘save the planet’ and other bold statements. Currently the project is rather designed to rather blend people with exactly such statements whilst keep pumping money into the wrong pockets; til now it’s a one way road and as far I know, it stays like this. The absences of minimum paperwork such as a little campaign flyer proves this well. Unfortunately we don’t even have tools to set out a community/crowd based bounty to work this material out. However, If you could start a crowd fund campaign, eg: ‘Precious Plastic Campaign material’; we’re happy to contribute to this material; there also is lots of other stuff needed beyond this.

I estimate the work involved about 500 Euro for a graphic designer and another 500 Euro for somebody who can create the content. Please bare in mind; a serious problem needs serious tools, network, etc …

thanks for sharing; not sure it’s print eco print friendly, especially to write ‘save the world’ on it but i guess we have all our own preferences 🙂

I am afraid, all the project’s resources in this regard have been captured in Eindhoven. I am sure they worked out the all the campaign material long ago; write them a message. Eventually they have a little more compelling text / graphic.

A friend and I made our own flier for Precious Plastic. It has margins for easier trimming when you print it out.

Here is the link:

if you can’t find anything here (open with winrar), then try google images or pdfsearch