Foot powered shredder

I was thinking about making a foot powered shredder, similar to the one made by @timslab in
but with the distinct difference that it would be powered by a foot pedal like in old school sewing machines.

I am pretty sure the strength required to shred plastic is larger than what is required by a sewing machine. maybe a hacked bike will do the work in a better way ?
The pedaling position should be the same as a classic sewing machine. to make it easier to put plastic in the hopper while using your feet to operate the shredder.
You can use belt and flywheel of your sewing machine if you don’t need it for sewing anymore

Good luck 🙂

Nice going  @clementhempel!
Not sure if you’ve seen this topic – but so far this is probably the best working foot powered plastic shredder out there.

**kunststoffschmiede bicycle shredder**

considering that a sufficient enough pulley & belt system requires at least a 7 cm diameter contact on the pulley (standard belt of 1-2 cm thickness), I’d say too: a sewing machine may only do alright with smaller and thin objects ( I’ve done lots of pulley driven stuff ).

If you are on a budget, please check better for a more powerful regular paper shredder. They come with auto-jam-reverse and they are capable of shredding plastic up to 3 mm. Of course you won’t be able to shred plastic bottles that easy but for 100-200 $ you’re ready to get started with your first projects 🙂 Shredding PET bottles even with a more powerful drive system seems rather tedious and inefficient, no justification to blow so much energy for this little outcome…

else, there are couple of sprocket & chain ideas around here in the forum but that it’s quite a different ballpark (needs proper tooling and equipment to this get going)

another thing you can still try is to ask  your nearby machine shop make a hand wheel (check scrap yard) which could also act as pulley (extendable with gears in terms of torque). my last trials regarding this ended with a 1.20 meter diameter wheel to make shredding quite easy. from there you could still try again the bike variant again. i think that a larger bicycle wheel could be a good pulley since the belt fit’s nicely in there – with some modifications.

let us know 🙂

I need to know which product is the best from the ones listed on the site?

Add flywheel 🙂

My mother’s sewing machine is a Bernina. It’s older than I am and in that time it’s never broken down, or been out of its depth. It’s serviced every 5 years – if she remembers – and has survived everything I’ve put it heavy duty sewing machine

Tried using bike’s pedals to shred. The energy i produced seemed not enough to shred =D
Not sure if the sewing machine will produce more energy to move the shredder efectively.

@armbouhali I dont have a sewing machine, it was just to get the idea across.
I will still have a flywheel, just one which is quite a lot heavier than that in a sewing machine, i have thought about having some sort of variable gearing, but im not sure yet, thanks a lot for the input. 🙂