Formal Business Model

I am working on a formal business plan based upon Dave Hakken’s machines and concept for my Small Business Management college course here in North Carolina. At first I searched here in the forums and elsewhere for something similar and found several posts inquiring about the subject, but I could only find various scant data for use in my project. As I couldn’t find an actual business model with an executive summary, company description, product or service plan, marketing plan, operations plan, financial projections and summary, swot analysis, and offering to copy; I have had to work entirely from scratch and develop my own much to my dismay as a lazy business student. I am having the hardest time with the financials. Maybe because I haven’t actually retained any of the knowledge from financial and managerial accounting last semester, but I shall overcome these obstacles and formal business plan I shall achieve. If anybody wants to help me flesh this out a little more, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise I’ll just post what I come up with here and future business students or Precious Plastic entrepreneurs will have some sort of foundation to build upon.


Company Description, Industry Analysis, and Marketing plan posted above…
Here is the Target Market Analysis, Product Service Plan, and Operations Plan.

Wow! I suppose I did help a few people out here a couple years back. And now the community has full on resources which are much more in depth for formal business models. That’s awesome when I got on here back in 2016 I was having quite a bit of trouble finding anything like this. Proud to see that the community has grown so much.

Now I take my Donald Trump stimulus check and build my first machine.


here goes the business modell 😀

Thank you for all the work you put in @spoonm4000. I hope you don’t mind that I used your SWAT analysis for my plan. Here is my plan to conritubute back to the community. I left the executive summary out because that’s pretty unique to individual case. Feel free to use this for your purposes

Hi @spoonm4000 Thanks so much for sharing! I’m doing research for starting a precious plastic project in Lexington, Kentucky and found your work extremely useful.

Hi @spoonm4000 ! Im from Quebec, Canada and im in the same process 🙂 Our business plan is a cooperative one. Im doing exactly the same thing actually! But, we do machine too, 1 by one… and we just finish our first shredder… the cost : 1 500 CA$ including labor costs.

I will read your documents and i will give you some comments. Its maybe more efficient to put your files in google drive, dropbox or one drive…

i give you my email :

Here I have some rough financial statements. I use the word rough here strongly I know they are by no means realistic at this point; but maybe this will help someone else. Fingers crossed some accounting obsessed freak will open this up and help me flesh it out. Like I said before I’ll work it all out for myself eventually. Any suggestions or feedback at all would be amazing now matter how small. Just trying to make sure any other people who need it for whatever reason will have a good foundation to work from. Thanks!