Forum data access exchange

Hey there,
we’re in the process to collect valuable material of the forum here and put it in a catalog/library or forum plugin itself (if you like), with JSON API, or whatever you like.

Basically we’d like to generate a curated list or directory of links to files (especially to PDFs, Google Docs), attachments. That can be done in different ways :

– you/us create a simple PHP or shell script which dumps the forum post tables
– we create a buddy press plugin/module (ie: recent links, uploads) with JSON API to exchange to different ‘apps’
– we create a bot/crawler but that would take ages to parse the entire forum since your server is already super slow
– possibly there is already a REST plugin for the forum, fine for me too

on your mark 🙂


ok then, we do this as crawler / bot, pretty annoying but ok, facilitating research & development in PP goes first for us 🙂
let us if the bot causes too much trouble in memory, i will take care that your server doesn’t go into its knees.
thank a lot,