there are many posts disappeared – in the last months – not just many of ours or those ‘managed’ by @donald.

With the posts usually also the users go –  and sometimes – pretty good & quality users you don’t get so often here – once in 6 months, may be…

Since so many years peoples are complaining and at the end nothing really ever happened despite it was soo easy (spam, editor,…) to pimp the forum software. Any script kid could have fixed this in a few afternoons. It’s just PHP and JS and that are not even real programming languages. Plus you have the full community and documentations of Buddypress….

According to PP ‘official’:

– forum ‘fading’ away sometime, just like the bazar…

– there is discord – in testing – but watching and using it : it’s a temp. place & chat platform for gamers and rather for a relative tech savvy & young crowd, nothing more; hard to find or preserve any knowledge there – no wonder it’s dead already.

– one-army is decades away to provide a proper forum software and it really takes very good old software craftsman ship to get this right.

Could your please make a daily check whom’s posts disappeared and notify them upon content restore, or whatever is needed ?

In the ‘patreon’ video somebody said : ‘we’re taking care …’. Well, please really do. People and content are important. Even with a 60 hours job, passionate people always have time for the important things : the community 😉

thanks in advance.


Mr. @davehakkens, @mattia. It takes about a half day to setup a well proven forum software – even a commercial one cost just a few peanuts; problem solved for once and all and the best part it : we can have it tomorrow ! If you like I do this myself – goes on the house of course 🙂

Same goes for pimping buddypress, we can have it by Monday 3am; no problem; absolutely no problem at all.

One thing I learned over time, watching the internet boom, the mobile phone boom, and then the social boom: software and interfaces became smarter and more chick – but flexibility & functionality has been increasingly reduced to a minimum over the last decades, to a point that recent studies start making sense : people are getting more and more stupid. I apply this to software too, stupid software makes stupid people – simple as that. Especially PP wise, it’s really worrying to see PMs removing standard features like standard controls in an a text editor – on research platform. I mean come on, do we wanna be stuck making lamps and baskets or do we want to start a plastic recycling revolution ? Because the latter requires top notch tools. As said often : stop sending us with a rusty kitchen knife to a gun fight !!! If there are good tools, people start learning and using it.

I am afraid that good software is the last thing what PP Eindhoven will provide to us – just  look at the poor tools we’ve got here since too long (style over substance & functionality). This can happen if you have designers and relative young and unskilled people making very important decisions; thus PP won’t ever grow beyond the imagination, convenience, comfort, skills of the central power located in Eindhoven. Even an app eco system has been denied and any pro tools contributed by us have been removed and it’s unlikely that PP will get anything you’d call status-quo.

If you look carefully around and observe PP Eindhoven (not too close) and the rest of the community on a daily base it’s no surprise that we have too many drop offs and the exit rate of users is really high. Pro users are pushed away by the poor tools & machines & ‘official support’ (2 years for a simple update).  I’ve seen dozes good guys here who lost their content – a simple fix in the PHP code base would have save them – and us, but as always – other things too important.

So yeah, I think whatever we come up with here or elsewhere  – it’s going to be banned / rejected /ignored – right away, good content or users, doesn’t matter  – what matters is the convenience for the owners, or – admins – who also leave PP on a frequent base.

phpBB & friends – is awesome and a well done and established software, with 30 years IT – this is it ! easy to setup and maintain; anything like that would have done it perfectly, among at least 10 and more good options.

There is always space for an alternative forum. As happens in many domains of interest, a new forum will likely not detract from existing efforts and may even feed back constructively to PP. I have seen this happen with other forums, and the new sister forum tends to take on a slightly different character can be a good thing. Personally I would like to see a phpBB forum which focuses particularly on the more advanced technical side of PP work – machine building and research. This could be a healthy compliment to PP, and a refuge for those who don’t want to ‘fade away’.

@ppme , yeah, it is not clear what the path forward is for the forum. There should to be someplace for the DIY recycling efforts to discuss issues and store solutions.

I think for the global save the planet from plastic efforts, they are migrating towards more ambitious efforts that are planning on collaboration with industry to affect change. This announcement is a good example of big money and industry collaboration. There is still a place for a small solution to a local problem, and education, but the heavy lifting will be done at the industry collaboration level.

If the forum is meant to fade away, perhaps if it shifts to a different host just to maintain the basic function of technical Q and A and posting successes (and fails).

great, thanks for responding so fast – always happy to see the community on your fast lane ! 40 people and  a 300k budget seems to do it’s magic… This is so generous of you guys, giving the community one of the best forum software out there instead of re-inventing it on your own with 2 front ‘coders’ just … That makes it so easy now for the community to help each other, answer all those nice people interested in PP, filament, organizing threads, referencing opens-source machine issues, tagging FAQs…,

We really envy you, being so selfless, that’s almost feckless – just without the down sides, great,

thanks again can’t find the calendar, is it already 2019 ?