French community let's get organised!

Hello to all the french plastic bidouilleurs 🙂

My name is François, I live in Lyon (France) and also in Gozo (Malta) where I created a non profit organisation called waao (we are all one) about plastic cleanups.

Sorry to speak in english but community oblige

Or maybe it is franglais (frenshglish)…

Whatever… I see there is quite a few french interested in building a shredder

I try to make one in Malta but impossible until now, because I am in Gozo. In spite this island has a lot of hardware stores and workshops, nobody can make it here (I have been searching for about 2 months) and they tell me to go to Malta the main Island but it will be very expensive… So I go back to France soon without the machine done.

That is where I think to do it in France. So in this divided world we live in, lets gather around this beautiful preciousplastic project, and also I think of building the shredder first.

Thank you to contact me here:

Best regards


my website:


Salut @waao, good shout! 🙂

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is also a topic with a lot of interested/active french people, maybe you will find some to connect with!