French engineer school collaboration

Hi you,
Just to track if collaboration with engineer school is possible.
Your idea or contact are welcome.

Final thesis or parallel project!
Precious regards


Some engineer schools in plastic
ISPA (Alençon)
école des Mines de Douai
ICAM (Nantes)
ITECH (Lyon)
INSA (Strasbourg et Lyon)

@pe-trhlinka and @imuh
After long time my answer…
Yes collaboration by doing research or last year work diplom… To be set up. Nothing on going right now.
Lyon… And any answers? I will be please to meet you end of December … If you have time.

hey @dbdougas

i’ll ask the french people from lyon on discord (they are 5 or 6 grouping up from an engineering school)
I’m sure there is stuff to do !!

just to understand this, you are searching for schools to colaborate with or is this some kind of collaboration which is happening right now?