Full Green

With machines from Precious Plastic, Full Green can start a local recycling center for plastic or maybe even more. The environment will be cleaner and the plastic we recycle won’t go to landfills and instead be put back into the plastic cycle again. We need funds to make the machines and we can sell the recycled material to become profitable by this summer, 2017. We could also make more machines and sell them to recyclers so more people could help the environment. We have a blog that we will be posting on frequently on our website . The support would mean so much to us so that we could help the environment. We would be so grateful if you help us achieve our goal so everyone could see how much a small-scale recycling center could achieve.

With our fund completed we could make more machines and sell them.


Good luck, but any excess money I have is going to build my own machines or to Precious Plastic Prime, not you.