Future Project

Hello everyone,
I introduce myself Elora Wagner, I’m a student in Fine Art school, and I would like to create a future project precious plastic, I’m already work with plastic waste but only in sculpture way and i want to change and create a mix with art and design!
I need more informations to do it and it’ s why I’m asking people who already started a workspace to understand how they did it! So please, if you can help me it would be wonderful! Thanks


Welcome to Precious Plastic @elorawagner

If you want to start your own workspace I guess the first step will be to decide which products are you going to make, and from there you can determine which tools/machine are you going to need. I suggest you to take a look at our Creations forum to get some inspiration and help you decide where to go from there.

If you want to build or purchase the machines @javierrivera and @andyn from UK can help you with that.


@andyn Yes happenstance, I will meet them soon! Thanks for your answers!!!

@elorawagner I’m glad you found a workspace near you (Happenstance?) And good luck creating a place in France, there seems to be a lot of interest there too.

I don’t think you’ve been getting my PM’s, can you check your inbox?

Thank you for all of your informations, it’s amazing! And for @andyn I want to create a new place in France next year, because I’m living in London just for one year! But I’m in touch with a workspace precious plastic near greenwich! Thanks a lot!

Hi @elorawagner !
If you’re near London, try the machines room, go on a Friday for the free tour and meet them, I think they have the precious plastic machines https://machinesroom.co.uk/

Don’t know if @h-an-na-h finished her shredder?



Have you looked at the map? There might be others near you who have already built one or more of the machines, or are looking to setup a collective workspace. If not you may be able to start small, people have done impressive things with just scissors and a kitchen oven.

Thank you very much for your answer! it’s a good start for me! Just one more thing, it’s about the workspace,I need to have my own space, or there is possibility to be part of a collectivity in a town or something like that! It’s a big point that scares me! Thank you again !

Hi Elora, welcome! I’m happy help out or advise where I can. I’ve also been involved in a number of community art projects, and I create some art pieces myself (mostly technical). Feel free to PM me.