Garbage container made from recycled plastic

Hello everyone,
Maybe somebody knows any ideas about garbage container for apartment buildings from recycled plastic. Is it possible?
How to organize the production process? Will be grateful for any info.


People, please help me to understand – is it possible to make
containers from recycled plastic? I have no idea where I can learn about that. Will be very thankful for any info.

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good luck to both of you guys
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Wow, huge printer must be))
Have you made some?

Im going to 3d print mine.

This is actually the focus of my senior year project at university for my mechanical engineering degree.
Building trash cans out of trash.

Well good luck with the Production!
I think many members inhere are looking at the plastic as more of an hobby, and making smallere items. Maybe you can find someone who is more Up your alley 😉

Best of luck!

Now I can invest no more then 5000 usd, I know that is nothing.
But gradually I plan to develop production. And of course, initially, all equipment, in which I will be able to understand, I want to do myself, to save money. Here I’m asking about any useful information or advices to improove my understanding. Maybe anyone knows some people who got expirience with it.

how old is he anyway ?
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How much money are you going to invest?
How many containers are you going to make?
What do you want us to say? That thing is huge!
How do you want to tackle this, i simply need to know. And still, you need lots of gear and MUCH more then the precius plastic machines to make this projekt…

Please tell me @alekpero or else i cant help you…

Nice image)))) Understood. But still wanna use PET and gonna make biger containers like this.

Try and make a mold out of iron.
You need 2 “iron dumpsters” one have to be smaller then the other one
Then you need to melt some plastic inside an oven, i prefer PP (5) or HDPE (2)
Place the molten plastic in the bigger “iron dumpster
And mash the smaller one on top, like on the picture below.

Let it cool a bit and the plastic garbage container will come off.
(the plastic is all the colorfull things going on as i normaly use all kinds of plastic resurces)

Thank you man! Maybe someone also have ideas for technology of trash container manufacturing? Will be so appreciate

Guys, do your research before playing around with PET, it is VERY hard to recycle… It has to go through a very precise heating process, were you have to hit around 260 c’ with a maximum of 2 c’ of error…
If this is not done, the PET will get super hard and crumble or burn (as you also said this is not healthy)

And what is that thing about mixing sawing cuttings into the mix? That does not seem freindly to the environment, or further recykle… @blackcatkuro

I am just incorraging you to do proper preperrations… I am no expert but i know that PET is one hell of an material to work with 😉

Thank you so much!!!


yes it is.
you can also using the PET scrap material ( result from crusher/shredder machine ) combined with smooth screened wood powder as additive ( residual form when you cuts wood using circular saw machine ) at its standard molten of PET. so you can saving about 30% PET material whenever you create a larger size of trashcan , just like a dumpster for example, without loosing the strength of sheet at its thickness

be careful,
some issues might occur when you play with PET or any similarity of polyester material.

at molten condition , it can smoke a gas when it poured and curing, mixed with additive material just like wood powder. so you might reminds any safety gears like, google (eye protective glasses) and chemical masker to prevent some irritant odors
overall, just be careful and keep up the good work 🙂

It may be possible to make it from PET bottles if you cut them to make some rope and then knit it together to make kinda like a basket.

PET is very hard to melt so i would not recomment that.

Go with PP or HDPE if you want to melt the plastic into a “trashcan-mold”

Good luck 🙂

Good job, men.
First I’m interested to fo it from recycled pet bottles? IS IT POSSIBLE?

yes. it is still possible to do it.
the “PP” plastic category would be good to reform as a trashcan.
as you can see here below, i begin producing toys and accessories,
using recycled plastics as their raw material.
keep up the good work 🙂