Garbage recycling plant

Hi I am Christian and I am working on starting a business Dat sorting out al of the garbage so we can recycle more

But I have some ideas but I need more so hoe want to help me on this journey


the more promising IMHO are beams, in particular extendable structures (shelf, work bench from connectable cubes/triangle) enforced or not; eventually also hosting traditional V or T slot aluminium profiles, see

There is also work about making joinery from plastic but i’d skip it in this context and just build on existing approaches (get some catalogues on the subject), in a way you can send it to the laser/metal brake service.

Machine wise, the material bill to make an ok extrusion to make 4×4 beams with the ability to have heated dies (embed other materials later) is around 1200 – 1500 Euro but that needs a basic 5-8K setup for metal work (mostly lathe and good welder, saw and drill press, etc…). A DIY pro extrusion is more in the 4-6 K range; i started some thoughts on this here (ignore the filament part)
You will need a quite few of them to keep up with demands and a well prepared campaign promises/offers; I would consider to share one motor (around 2-4kw, depends on beam features) between 2 extrusions (tandem). To skip the whole shredding stuff; you can buy shredded plastic for peanuts per 100 Kg…please always keep in my mind Chinese competition 🙂

Doable in 4 weeks but needs quite some skills to setup and automate all; count rather on 1-3 months to have results. Campaign, networking, QA as well certification excluded but i am sure PP has allocated resources to help you with this part of the process.

if you’ve got this up and running; consider us as your first client 🙂

good luck