Together with our colleagues, we designed the compressor, which we used gas-based, because based on calculations we discovered that it emitted less toxic gases to the atmosphere than to make it on an electric basis. In the images, you can see what we have produced with the molten plastic (we use HDPE) and the design of the machine. You can also follow our Facebook page ( and review our progress.

Nice work on your machines, could you show us how to build the bike shredder? And a G’day from us in the land of OZ

theoretically speaking gas is much more green than electricity but in practice that is rarely the case.

Gas unfortunately makes it a little more difficult to control temperature compared to electrical heating, and I see how some of the plastic products look slightly burnt.

Please let us know if you’ve figured out how to control melting temperature accurately :). This might be a cleaner alternative in countries where electricity is generated using fossil fuels.