Gear Box

Super simple question, Where the heck do you find a gearbox! I can’t find a place that sells them even new.

Just to give a little more detail, I’m needing a 60:1 reduction that also can accept 3k+ rpm and output enough torque for the shredder. I keep finding ones that do not look like they meet spec, but I am still figuring out all the math behind the motor.

I may be able to work with 30:1, 1700rpm as long as it can handle enough output torque.

Oh those are perfect! I had found a couple Leeson motors on Amazon I was looking at but for the gear box, I’ve been all over Grainger, McMaster, automation direct and haven’t found anything that had looked like it was up to snuff. Looks like these should do nicely though!

Have you looked at motors in this range?

Should be easy to find in the USA.
Look up “worm gear box” or “speed reducer”, look for surplus.
Motor rpm doesn’t sound right though.
I’ve used these guys before, and this one looks OK. You can find cheaper depending where you live though.

I’m looking at a few different motors, I think I have the specs nailed down for it. I’m just having a hard time finding any source that sells gear boxes. I’m at a point if I can find a suitable gearbox then I’ll get a motor to fit it.

Usually, most motors have either 1400 or 2800 (more or less if they can run on both 50 and 60Hz). To meet the specs you would either need a 20:1 or 40:1 gearbox. Unless you have a motor with 4200 rpm.
Do you have the motor?