Geodesic Dome Molds!

Hey all! I’m posting this in the ideas section because I haven’t actually done it yet, but I’m getting the molds cut soon, and I’ll post as I experiment. I’m working on designing a cuttable mold for making geodesic domes out of plastic.

The idea would be to use laser-cut metal sheets, since anyone who has built the shredder must be able to order those any way. The sheets are stacked together to make a mold in the correct shape. The bottom plate has bolt holes that are tapped, so that the mold can be tightened with drill or wrench.

Fill the mold with plastic, put it in the oven until its up to temp, take it out, tighten the bolts down, let cool. One benefit of this is that if the mold were smaller than a typical oven, roughly 16×20, then a normal oven could be used, since the compression comes from tightening the bolts, rather than a jack, which might make the compression oven easier to make.

That’s the plan at least! I’ll post when I try it out.


Hey Sam,

Did you end up making this?


Hi samsmith, cymekherowe, and diegoroveroni! I’m a Product Designer for PP V4 and am working on a geodesic dome design. I’d like to hear more about why people are interested in this concept and what they might use the domes for. Whether you are a prospective dome owner or part producer, please take a moment and fill out this 5 question survey to help us create the best product possible!

And check out this topic for more of our work on modular construction and geodesic domes!

Thanks! Looking forward to collaborating with all of you more on this!

real nice, would be so a good idea for  recycle plastic transparent bottles cuts without so much energy/work for  greenhouses and so on.

Great idea, keep up the good work!