Getting machine parts to India Coimbatore

Hey guys,

it is so amazing to see how big this comunity already is and I would like to try to build such a plastic recycling machine in southern india.

Has someone of you experiance with importing machine parts to india? Where did you buy the parts (on the market place of precious plastic?) and how easy was it to get it through customs?

I just need 2-3 tips so that I can manage the rest of such a project on my own …

best regards and thank you for your support,


@miklee hey i dont understand the need to import machines to india when you can get fully built machines in India. I am a machine builder from India and I can help you with the machines

reached out to sharma via whatsapp for more information.

: I’ll keep you posted once we have that machine ready in coimbatore 🙂

Hi Mike

Question – are you planning a Precious Plastic project in Coimbatore? I am from around there and would be happy to help. Also, would love to visit your project if it is currently operational.