Getting startes and looking for resources

So our small recycling proyect has started,the idea is to recycle the plastic wasted in our campus and re-use it to make things needed just like benches for public spacea and materials for future stutents proyects, but by now we need to build the machines and for that we need money for some of the most expensive materials like the band heaters and the temperature controls, since we are all students with not much income we had to found a new way to get the money so i began to look for things we could made with the recycling material in a more “manual” way so i found out a tecnique to iron some plastic bags and use the bags as fabric so by the moment we are making some plastic bags and pockets to sell, i uploades 2 photos of the first one i made, its ugly but we are working in more nice desings (please suggest some more desings) and since this first one came out looking leatherlish we decide to call it “dinasour lethear” since you know plastic comes from fossiles
Thaks you very much for the attention and if you have any siggestion please let us know


Great work guys! just look at this topic
and look for “rice and cary” in internet.