GHDPE – The Super Building Material of the Future


HDPE I know, high-density polyethylene, but what is G?

G or Gf, is Graphite.  Your Pencil Lead. With it, we create Graphene, the Miracle Mineral of the NOW!

I have a solution for Future EV’s.  Get rid of all Motors, the transmissions, make the Body with GHDPE, make the panels with GHDPE, We add 4 Electric Wheel Hub Wheel rims. Its the only thing that needs to move. We paint the car with Graphene Solar Paint and we make Graphene Supercapacitors. I can make Graphene and have 100MMT deposit to play with in the future. We have solutions to every problem. We just need to share the knowledge and Open Source it. 🙂

Somethings happening here in NL, Canada.

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We have some funding programs that we will apply, to try and get funds.


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First, you mine the Graphite. Crush to different mesh size, depending on the Flakes needed for the market. To make Graphene there are several different processes. In the past, mass production was the problem. That is now solved and mass production of graphene is possible. This will open the markets to Graphene now. You can buy here for testing.   What Robert to see what we can now do with Graphene 🙂 LOTS :))

I will have to order more paint to work with.


And you Crush this material graphite and put in graphene woh ! But you need to automated this process you must to emprendeurs this idea   form to obtent graphene , is a good research ,when you have the grafito then how do you do with It?

Getting a few buckets for testing 🙂

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