Gigantic injection machine

How about a large injection machine for beam or such construction injecting? (up to 2m in lenght)
Injection machine that can be uses injecting products vertically and horizontally.
Vertically- using the plunger.
Horizontally- using rack and pinion gear mechanism or linear actuator.
The inner diameter would be aprox. 60mm and 50-70cm in lenght, which gives aprox. 1410-1980cm2 volume.
Still planning. Have few designs (bad quality)
Any thoughts?
I had this idea because it could get rid of the expensive motor system that is used for th extrusion.


More or less, that’s the way. Did you check the arbor press ? Eventually you need to add more gears for a bigger volume. Besides, feeding new plastic into the barrel for larger volumes will become very problematic, rendering the idea near impossible but let’s see what others can add 🙂

If you use the arbor press configuration and mount it in a typical low cost floor standing shop press frame , you should have enough height to get the volume you want and you could add a mid-height pivot to lay it horizontally on a bench if you want.

@s2019 I wanted it to be able to inject both vertically and if needed horizontally so it can be used for best of both.
@cgoflyn2 nice idea with the screw.

How about one of these augers?

For the feed I had since long the idea to machine a conic screw (similar exists already in agriculture equipment, a meter, at 15degs, easy to make after all) which can deal with larger soft items as bags & common packaging materials and is moving plastic down to the barrel. The flip mechanic seems to be key since you could automate the whole thing at some point.
Indeed, nice project; keep digging guys. Unfortunately, we’re booked til February to get this one done but I can imagine to develop the feed screw. So please let me know where to send it  🙂

I think of the arbor press and the rack and pinion as the same mechanism. The system should feed just fine in a horizontal configuration. I don’t think you need the two different orientations. Good project.

I see, my bad. Now I’am just a little lost to figure how to make a 2 meter beam with all that. Besides getting 6cm ID barrel/plunger makes me a lot of headache. The max. I can get from our traders is 5cm.
I really like the concept nonetheless and that could fit well into the PP machine repertoire since we could deal way better with daily life plastic that way, without shredding.

@cgoflyn2 I saw the arbor press, but it get’s larger vertically real quick, but it’s also an option. The way I see it, I would add plastic when the barrel is vertically and when full and meltet, tilt it horizontally and inject this way.
The other way I thought of injecting plastic horizontally was using rack and pinion jack.