Got My Quotes For Shredder Parts This Week

Got one in seven parts.  Not even going to bother with it.  One was nice enough to lump everything together.  Holy cow (see the image).  BBC Steel in Oregon is the lowest so far (but doesn’t include shipping so we’ll see).  I’ve got a little more searching to do but it doesn’t look like I’m staying under my hopeful $400 price point.

i know this stuff shouldn’t exceed the 400$ anywhere in the world, here in catalonia its 380 but good quality. in the US it’s probably around 300$.

you can lower the price by ~30% and go for F114 hardened steel, your shredder will appreciate it in the long;

So I’ve got it pretty much narrowed down to two choices.

Megatec vs Precious Plastic USA.

Does anyone have experience with either?  They both represent the cheapest price range I could find at around $500 each and I don’t see any red flags that should raise concern.

be warned about why stainless is a bad idea for plastic shredding here and here
actually a pity, considering how much precious stainless laser cut blades are out there by now; PP world is a little bit like the 5 monkeys and the banana experiment in such matters though, you could even say there was no banana 🙂 basically the same drama with tomatoes, folks shopping in malls buy the more red and shiny ones over the ‘organic’ or natural flavor… just saying 🙂

I don’t have a shredder, but from posts, it looks like the baseline design has some limitations and issues that people are making mods for. It might be worth asking a lessons learned question before you commit to a specific CAD file.

@s2019 Yes, I see some nice prices in the Bazar.  I need to see if the folks in California have responded to my shipping quote request.  I will say that site navigation is a little difficult because of the features we take for granted being less in the forefront.

@msnmck Have you browsed the PP Bazar It may give you a feel for prices, some are willing to ship to the states.

yeah, no worry, we take care about imperial (and anyone who wants to go to the moon, kidding about imperial… )
Stainless is for if you shred food or people who dont want to care about rust but normally it’s a case for hardened steel, most industrial shredders use it.
i can be wrong about this but my preference reside with the builds from factory 🙂

problem with the steel on the other hand are the little tiny tolerances summing up quickly that you have to grind the blade/washers’s hexbar hole for many hours to size. you can avoid this by editing the files as soon you know the hexbar exact size, or just add 0.2 mm which could make funny noises at worst. after you can tell the laser guys to take this into account and done 🙂

Thank you.  It’s only been a week (and three quotes) so I guess a little more time couldn’t hurt.  I definitely need something imperial though, based on what others in the forums suggest.  The price quoted would have been even higher if I hadn’t submitted the community conversion files for the 2.0 design.
As far as the steel, I only went with 304 Stainless because of the suggestion and because I can’t afford any mistakes.  If F114 works just as well and for as long I’ll definitely look into it.

if you can wait a few days, we’re uploading a new version which fixes a few issues : hexbar/drive shaft, bearings too weak and the blade tip design which is too sharp with little to no chance to compensate little to rapid wear-out over time, well and 3mm housing support could also get some slices of improvements 🙂 there is also an issue with the washers which expect too much nominal thickness of the blades, thus the blades quickly start scratching the side blades but also you could end up with being able to put 14 blades only, still ok but no,… you actually want 20 blades in there and all nicely pre-loaded 🙂  …