Greater Details On Parts

Trying to get more details on the parts we need to source?

At the moment I’m wondering about the electronics. I’m searching on Ebay Australia and finding some good deals, like the PID controllers that come with the thermocouple and SSR, but I’m wondering about more specifics on the Powerswitch and the LED Indicators?

Any thoughts or links to recommended parts?

powerswitch should be 10 amps or more furthermore any switch will do,
you can also get a switch with buildin indicator light.

Here some links, all the parts should work, have not tested any of them and can not guarentee the quality of any of the products

PID, SSR, Thermocouple

Cover for SSR if you want

Switch with indicator light

Guys, can you please share links (ebay/alibaba) for each one of the following:

PID controller
Led indicators