Hakerspace in Eindhoven

Hello everyone,

_I build machines and I have mainy, I want to share them. I will be living in Eindhoven for the next 3 years, so y wold like to build a hakerspace in a container (with 3d printers, cnc machines and power tools (belt grinder, lathe…). It would be wonderfull if i could live nearby, maybee in a off grid house ontop of the container or in a van.
I am searching  a ground to rent or to buy (large enough to park a 20foot container) 13m2.
If anyone know somewone who can rent or sell me a small piece of land, or any other option that can make this possible, please let me know :).





Hey you might want to check out the “madspace” in eindhoven to see a hackerspace in eindhoven in operation. The are dealing a lot with data issues but have 3d printers and freecoffee available!
If you really want to take it to the next level contact the eindhoven municipality they can really help you out. A friend of mine got a space to plant a view thousand trees! He was also in contact with Vestide the houseing corporation. They have a lot of useless spaces. Just dont say you want to live there say its for an community place or art project 😉


Thank you very much for these informations!
I reported the project but I should contact Vestide for sure!