Harmony VAWT Scoops from Precious Plastics

Hi Guys,
I was watching your new update and saw the development happening with BOPE. Awesome stuff. I have never messed with injection mold before but will be exploring it as soon as time allows. My VAWT design relies on special blade scoops (wind scoops) to work and function.

I know my shape is complex but there has to be a way that we can do it. Can we start talking about what we’d need to do to make this happen? I have machining capabilities and can make the dies for us, but I need help thinking outside of the box on this one because of my special shape. If we make the scoops out of 2 parts perhaps we could make them easily joined together and still remain aerodynamic? I 3D print them in 2 halves but joining them requires patience and special glue that would slow the assembly process down.

Let’s start with the small scoops and just see if we can get the general shape. I don’t care about details or gearing or thickness. I just want to see if we can get the basic shape to work with Injection Mole. Then we can scale up and work on refining the scoop. The current estimate I have for size needed on Residential turbines with my scoops are about 1ft tall by 2ft wide for each scoop. The small concept scoops can be any size we like to start with.

Links you’ll need to see what I am talking about:

Full Playlist if you wan to see my current progress (Reverse chronological order):

I forgot to mention that this would also be an interesting method to explore for powering the grinder units as well as the injection mold. In the case of the injection mold we’d probably need a sort of very simple transmission so we could choose when and how much pressure to push with (from the lead screw). Perhaps with a simple lever moving back and forth you could control the ram going into or away from the injection cylinder. I know you guys have been looking for a way to direct drive some devices and Harmony VAWT could easily provide that power no matter the wind direction.

The power output is just a matter of size if you’re trying to direct drive. One can also charge a capacitor or battery bank for a  bit then use that stored power to run a 5hp motor. So these issues are easily overcome. Wind is not a constant anyway so it’s probably better NOT to direct couple the shafts.

More importantly I want to examine the possibility of providing Precious Plastics supporters a direct sales avenue for their shredded plastic. If we need a LOT of ground up plastic for our turbine scoops it could be a revenue stream for everyone supporting the project… ie: Send us your plastic and get paid directly. -I have no idea how expensive it would be to ship but maybe it would be worth looking into this further?

Lastly I need help even determining if it is feasible to use the injection mold process to produce my full-sized scoops. I need to connect with some people doing this for larger more complex pieces and see what they think.

You will need to get at least 2hp and more like 5hp to really shred anything useful with the precious plastic shredder.

OK There has to be a few of you reading this and able to help me out. Looking to get into some way where we could make my turbine scoops (see earlier post in this thread) out of your Precious Plastics recycled pellets. I would be looking to create an entire network around people sending me their ground up material so that we could use it for injection mold parts …basically making our VAWT Turbine scoops out of recycled plastic. How much more green can you get than that?! -It’s a fantastic idea and I just need some help bringing it to life. -Thoughts / suggestions welcome.