Harvest the small and micro plastics

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Is there a way to harvest the small and micro plastics from the ocean?
After harvesting, the plastic is there a way to separate the plastic reliably?


There is a topic somewhere here about guys that developed a passive ocean garbage collector. Try to found it! But still it does not separate and it is too hard.
but as for me even if it is only collecting some garbage from ocean it is a real big work.

All of the papers are about a clean up rather than a harvest!
Most of the research is for one use tools. Is there no one lookin into a ship add-on or some thing like that? Some thing like that may off set the shipping cost, while cleaning up the ocean.

Apparently some criticism remains valid…:

<Scientists like physical oceanographer Kim Martini and biological oceanographer Miriam Goldstein still aren’t convinced that the structure can overcome the technical challenges. After the feasibility study was published in 2014, Martini and Goldstein published their own technical review on DeepSeaNews.com. They say their concerns have remained largely unaddressed.

Martini says Slat’s response was limited to a statement he made on a discussion panel. While he said he was “very happy they have read it”, and that they made valid points, Martini doesn’t think Slat has made a sufficient response to his concerns.>

Guardian Article

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It is called “The Ocean Cleanup Project”, but of course; there is also some criticism around it, most notably from an NGO, called the5gyres.

The Fallacy of Cleaning the Gyres of Plastic With a Floating “Ocean Cleanup Array”

As far as I know, they have collaborated later, so it is possible that they overcame their differences and resolved some of the issues. It has been a while since I looked into it.

EDIT: I just checked and as you can see in the article above, Boyan Slats apparently addressed much of the criticism in his feasibility study:

Click to access TOC_Feasibility_study_lowres_V2_0.pdf