Have started building the Extruder

Loved the precious plastic machine and more importantly the drive behind it to make this world a cleaner place.
I have started building the machines and have decided to start with the extruder.
Will keep the community updated on my progress.
The first step I took was getting the exterior frame made.
I am planning to use a single phase 1 hp motor with gearbox having an output of 56rpm.
Lets see how this goes.

Good start…
Please take us informed

Fianlly finished the extruder. Check out the pics and videos.
Wondering what final products can be made using this machine.
Any ideas?

Hey guys!
Its been some time.
Nearly done with the extruder.
The nozzle, hopper, stand and barrel are ready.
One problem I’m facing is that the screw that im using is 25mm and the pipe is also 25mm so sometimes when the screw rotates it gets stuck within the barrel.
However I’m trying to sand the inner side of the pipe and the outer part of the screw to try to reduce the dia a little bit so that there is little space and there is no obstruction during the rotation.
Another problem is wiring the temperature controller,i’m unable to get the output from relay although the PID shows output is on.
You can see it on this thread. http://onearmy.world/community/forums/topic/extruder-wirring-temperature-controller-wiring/.

Here are some pics of the progress!