Heat press 2 sided


I am currently making a heat press 80 cm by 70 cm.
I placed a heating element of 1100 watts (gourmet grill) in between two plates.
The bellow sheet of metal is covered with aluminium foil.
My idea is to create a layer of hot air that would evenly distribute of 5 cm between the metal sheets.
It currenlty reaches 133 degrees.

My question:
Are there any tips for improving this setup? Maybe sheet of aluminium, or thinner airlayer etc. How do I make my setup more efficient?


Welcome to Precious Plastic @thomasthefirst (sorry for the late welcome)
Your heat-press prototype looks cool.
I’m not an expert on thermodynamics but I would say replacing the steel sheet with a sheet of aluminium will allow heat to be transferred faster, however, you will need to add a sturdy frame around the aluminium sheet to prevent it from bending.

I have a 110v 300w band heater that reaches temperatures way higher than 130° so there’s something on your setup not allowing heat to be transfered easily on to the metal sheet.

Keep us posted

Thank you for your response.
Its quite difficult to weld aluminium togheter if I want to weld my press due to time saving. I might indeed have to find other objects that provide more heat faster and stronger! Any tips and suggestions are still welccome!