I have gone through the website but haven’t found information about the heaters. Can anyone please provide some info on them. What they are, where we can find them (especially from old junk if possible) etc…

Professionally we work with Hasco stuff. Excellent material but very expensive €2-300 for a heaterband is no exception.
I just got my order from Rokoma in Best, the Netherlands. I surely was surprised by the quality, sturdy, good materials, fast heaters, excact powermeasurements by thermocouples FeCuNi type J in comparison with my Hasco there is no difference in measured temperature and power ( 180Watts :180watts, 230 degreesC:231degrees, same buildup time, I’m happy:-)

They have a huge range, deliverance is directly from German factory, good packaging, and last but certainly not least, very nice priced.

Brass type, D35x30mm and D45x30 mm, 230V 180Watt and 250Watt €28 – 32, plus €12 if you want a thermocouple build in. I payed €260 for 7 heaters, two pieces equiped with a thermocouple, taxes and shipment included.