Hello + questions

Hello everybody,
Thanks for making these great machines, improving them and making your efforts open source.

We want to open a “precious plastic chapter” in Spain and build some of your machines here in the province of Malaga.
they are perfect for a series of educational workshops we will develop during springtime that aim at educating children, teens and young adults about the importance of recycling plastic. It is a big issue here where many people don’t have a civil conscience about waste and simply throw stuff on the streets or in the parks.

The workshop will also teach some design principles, using the machines as the technology they will use to build their design.

I have many questions and it would be great to talk via skype if at all possible.

We are applying for a grant to build the machines and the main pressing question are about the workings and price of the grinder v2.
I know you are preparing the blueprints, but could you please give a rough estimate of the cost of the shredder v2?

a question about durability… since the machines are “home made”, how many “uses” do you think they can last? I know this varies from machine to machine, and on whoever makes them… what I’m trying to understand is if the machine would resist a heavy duty cycle of 20-50-100 kids playing with them a full day in several (non consecutive) days.
I’m interested particularly in the extruder. Not so much in the rotomoulder (we already have one), or the injector, which would require making the molds of their design.

looking forward to your answers
thanks again for this amazing project! 🙂


Awesome to hear you want to set it up in Spain!
The costs of the shredder depends, we have mainly 2 different options. ANd haven’t made any detailed calculations yet, but just to give a very rough idea:
Lasercutted version: Expensive, for the western world, accurate, little manpower to make it probably around €200 material costs.
Hand-made version Takes time to make, affordable materials, requires basic tools, less efficient, probably around €50 for materials.
Both prices totally depend on your region though.

To be honest, no idea how many uses they will last. Specially since we work with a lot of scrap materials its hard to determine how long they will last. However every machine is designed in a way to easily repair with local available materials. And we aim to make the machines for small productions, not individuals. So we do try to make them resist ‘heavy’ duty.Wait for this winter. We will finish everything up, make good instruction videos, manuals and much more!

Could you share a picture of your rotomoulder? Would love to see it!
Good luck!

Well thanks, send them over then…via email. can you see it from my profile or should I post it?
thanks again and…merry jingle bells 😉

Sure thing! Always open for feedback

Hi Beltran,

if the CEO approves ;), I could sent you a Step file, of the latest version we made,
(Still developing and fine Tuning…!…)

Hello again
thanks for your reply and for the price estimate
any update on the plans of the Shredder V2?

We’ve got a budget approved and will look to develop the machines in the next few months.
I’d really like to develop and improve upon de open source version of the shredder.
Any plans, even scrappy ones can help
they don’t need to be polished like the v1 you have on the preciousplastic site.

What do you think? can we have access to the shredder (and other machines) v2 plans?

thanks in advance
all the best