Help! Machines Need Building in Flint, Michigan

Hi Everyone,

As you may know, Flint, Michigan is currently experiencing a water crisis. Currently, their water is polluted with high levels of lead, contaminants, and diseases that is making their faucet water undrinkable without the use of a filter. Due to this crisis, over 59,000 citizens must depend on bottled water to cook, clean, and bathe. This is causing an overconsumption of water, which is leading to an overwhelming amount of plastic bottles within the neighborhoods.

Currently, only 10% of the city is recycling their plastic. A company that is not based in Flint, Michigan, is being contracted to pick up the plastic bottles. This is a wasteful use of monies allocated by the government.

Here’s where precious plastic and its community comes in. We are in need of the machines to shred the plastic and convert it to the 3D filament.

Can anyone help? Anyone interested in being paid to build a shredder to reduce the recyclables?


@thewrench I suggest you to contact and by email, they worked together to adapt the machine units to use Imperial measures, they should be able to sell you a shredder as well. They are based on Dallas, but shipping the machine to Michigan should not be a problem.

Any progress on a shredder in Flint? I’m in Saginaw and am very interested in how things are coming along, and how/if materials were sourced.

Im at the beginning stages and just got a price quote for laser cut parts. If there are other cheaper alternatives, please share them.

Hello Darryl, I am also from Michigan and was wondering if you’ve made any progress developing your shredder?


@andresornelas from Precious Plastic Mexico. You can drop him an email at

im interested in that contact i am from California, United States also looking to start.

In case you are still interested, we have a member from México who is selling these machines much cheaper compared to making them in US (including shipping). Just let me know and I’ll get you in contact.