(help needed!)Suggested scrapyards Melbourne, Australia based


My name is Viktorija, I am 14. I have a huge passion for our earth and how we are affecting and so I saw fit that I should do something to positively effect it for a year 10 project of mine.

My dad has been helping me gather materials for the shedder part of the machine, we have unsuccessfully found any junkyards. But we did get a quote for double all the lasered parts which amounted to almost 700 aud! We definitely don’t want to be spending this much money nor are we in a position to, but as I have started a highly assessed piece at school based on it we will have to.

It would be a huge help if you know of any reliable scrapyards in the area.

Lots of love from Australia!

Hello Viktorija,

perhaps jou can look at http://www.morrentrading.com
there you also can order the laser parts for a cheaper price !

regards Albert Morren