Help on a earthquake rebuilding project

Hello everyone!

My name im Anas, After witnessing personally the mayhem that nature can bring through earthquakes like the ones that have hit the Indonesian islands of Gili and Lombok recently, I am in need of help on a rebuilding and reconstruction project, that tries to integrate the need for the Local communities to rebuild the island while bringing to an end the problem of trash, plastic and recycling. The idea is currently to produce as many eco-bricks as possible and starting from Gili Trawangan to use them in the construction of walls needed, and further start construction of units affordable the size to accommodate a family of 3.

Any one that can provide some knowledge in regards?

Better to use the plastic bottles filled with trash? Should the trash be shredded first?

Is there one any machines that can create brick size output, if yes which machine?

My question here is to identify what are the best options, but more that welcome to hear of similar projects and some detailed plan of action on constructions with BOQ and approximations on the potential costs.


You might want to connect with Recycle Rebuild and Rory Dicken– he is working to create recycled building materials. He is currently in the Caribbean ( I think). Probably a good person to connect to.

Long term I am interested in creating tempory shelters for post disasters– both bringing pre-made material to affected areas, as well as bringing Precious Plastic machines to said areas and leaving them for the community to jumpstart its own  Precious Plastic economy post-disaster (think positive Shock Doctrine)

(Loooooong term, like I said)

Peace and Love Amigo– keep up the fabulous work of being you!

Hi Ofoord,
thanks for the mention of Cabinz above .

i heard the mention of eco-bricks. We have been working on an air filled eco brick inside reused plastic panels covered with fire proof mgo boards .

We’ve also been trying to develop a way (unsucessfully so far) of supporting a Pet bottle internally or externally wihile having the air sucked out , as a vacuum is a much beter insualter than air

Making an Insulated Eco Brick by Filling Empty Plastic Bottles with Rolled Cardboard or Plastic & Evacuating Air (VIB))

Hi there is a topic called Re-using plastics that cannot be recycled in Uk
and they are making building structures like walls, it might be what you’re looking for

Hey @anasislands

and thanks @leflora for the mention.

As mentioned I used to work for All Hands and Hearts, who are now in Lombok. My job was to go to disaster zones and find opportunities for AHAH to start a project by assessing the needs, designing the project and then budgeting the project to search for funding. I too have seen the first-hand devastation after personally going through Ecuador’s 2016 earthquake and working after Nepal 2015 earthquake. They have a wealth of experience, and I have direct contact with the team on the ground if you wish to pursue this further. However, AHAH is currently in the Response phase, not the Recovery phase and will be focusing on temporary shelters at this point.

Bottle bricks fall into Recovery (post 6 months). We did investigate the method for Nepal and Ecuador, however, it was decided that the projects were too labour intensive. Thus increasing the cost. Construction follows the project management triangle, Time, Cost, Quality. Something that takes a long time, and is high quality cannot be cheap. Because of this, the focus was to change the building material that was quicker to construct. From my travels, however, I understand that Labour is cheap in Indonesia correct?

What regards to kids games, try coconut bowling with plastic bottles filled with water.

To answer your original questions, you will need to fill the plastic bottles with plastic & paper wrappers or sand/soil. There is no need to shred unless you really want to make your job easy. but the problem is it’s another time stage of work (labour cost goes up).

In terms of PP machines, nothing creates a large block fast…

As also mentioned I am now the Co-founder of a natural disaster/plastic waste charity, currently in the Caribbean.

if you have any questions, fire me a message.

Hope this helps,

Hi Anas

Hope everyone is holding up alright where you are <3


Rory had previously worked with/for All Hands and Hearts, so they might be good to hook up with now–

They might be able to help find resources and help spread the impact of your project.


for Eco-brick building I know that the bricks need to be as compressed as possible, so just make sure you pack them full and tight!

I am ALWAYS a fan of making a game out of who can gather as much M.O.O.P. (Mater Out Of Place) as possible. Then you can have the kids see who can stuff the most ‘trash’ into the bottles. You can have prizes for both the most pieces of MOOP collected and overall weight– if you don’t have a scale, maybe someone has a fish scale you can borrow.

You can also see how many bottles the kids can fill in X amount of time. Just make sure they are packed tight!


I think trying to create more substantial building materials is part of what is going to happen at Precious Plastic Headquarter this fall, so please take good notes so we can learn from what you are doing. Hopefully, there will be a Thread on the Forums that is easy to follow. This is the subject I most passionate about so I am going to try to keep in the loop about the latest updates– I let you know if anything super important comes up 🙂

Best of luck in your project and I look forward to seeing your progress– please keep us updated!


Thank you for being you 😀

Hi leFlora, thanks for your answer, I will contact Rory! now more than ever knowledge is a key component for really binging change, and however the situation here is still in recovery mode, we will launch in the next couple of days the first eco-project involving the kids and the local community of Gili Trawangan. any advise on what a simple presentation for Kids should look like? is there any game idea would you suggest to involve the kids with? any experience in regards?
Thanks in Advance